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Branded Microsites

Unlike many other video-conferencing tools available today, the Attend platform includes a custom-built microsite from which to host your entire live event - and we manage it for you.

Our team works with you to achieve the perfect branding for your virtual event, including use of a specific colour palette, and logos. You can also select what interactive components you'd like to include on the page, such as polling, Q&As and chat rooms.

You choose how you'd like to present your brand, and we'll make it happen.

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Facilitate Registrations

Once our team has built your company's microsite, you can start inviting your audience to register for the event.

Position your choice of placeholder graphics on the page, such as a welcome video, or a customised survey for gathering pre-event data about your audience.

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Mediahouse Attend Virtual Events Pre Event Services

Pre-Event Services

Team Organisation

The Mediahouse team will work with you to establish an efficient workflow and assign roles for the people involved in your event, such as presenters, comment moderators and panel leaders. Having a properly structured event team will ensure a seamless virtual event, and a clear flow of communication to your audience - this is a critical step in ensuring your virtual event is a success.

Technical Checks and Support

Concerned about the technical side of the event? Don't be. Mediahouse provides a comprehensive "tech-check" with all presenters prior to the event. This includes testing equipment, internet speed, lighting, camera angles and the presenter's environment.

Full Rehearsal

Once fully prepared, our team organises a group video call to rehearse the event from start to finish, and by doing so, we are able to address any technical or presentation obstacles that appear, and give you peace of mind that your team is ready to go.

Green Room Access

Who said green rooms were just for television? Our virtual Green Room is open 20 minutes prior to a live online event, and provides the perfect opportunity for presenters to run through their script one last time, and for Mediahouse to undertake a final tech-check.

Presenters appreciate having a dedicated place in which to rehearse, prepare, chat to other presenters, and acclimatise to an event space, and our virtual green room makes that possible within an online environment.

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Live-Event Services

Live Chat Rooms

Live Chat is not only something an audience expects in online environments, it's a critical tool for companies to be able to communicate directly with individuals, and gain insights into how they can improve their products or services.

The Attend platform gives event organisers the option to include feature-packed chat rooms within their customised microsite, thereby linking presenters with their audience, and facilitating social interaction between attendees.

Virtual attendees can set up personal avatars, chat publicly or privately with other individuals at the presentations, and even send and receive files.

Host Multiple Streams

At larger physical conferences, organisers often have multiple presentations occurring at the same time, but in different rooms. Attend is able to do the exact same thing virtually, thanks to its multiple-stream capabilities.

Much like having two rooms at a conference hall, the Attend platform can be customised for you with two channels, each hosting a different live stream. This gives attendees the option to switch between presentations, and join a new chat room.

Multiple streams are especially useful for organiser who may want to deliver presentations in two languages.

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Attend Expo: Virtual Exhibitions

Attend Expo is the virtual answer to traditional exhibitions, and it is a feature of Attend that makes it possible for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to showcase their products to a bigger audience than is possible with physical exhibition halls and trade show facilities.

Exhibitors can use the Attend platform to set up a fully branded virtual stand; they can display a pre-recorded video about their company and, importantly, live chat with attendees to answer questions, discuss samples and pricing, and plan future communication.

Attendees of Attend Expos have the option of being able to submit their virtual business card to exhibitors if they would like to be contacted post event.

Post-Event Analytics

One of Attend’s most powerful tools for organisers is its ability to provide accurate and current data about event attendance, audience behaviour, and the overall success of the event.

Rather than relying on post-event surveys as in traditional conferences and events, Attend delivers invaluable analytics to organisers immediately after a presentation.

Do you want to know which presentation had the most attendees? How about the average time a presentation was viewed? Attend gives you these answers and more - fast!

By using Attend’s post-analysis reports, organisers are better equipped to shape successful future events.

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